Research & Development

We test the materials and the performance of our products under practical conditions in our technical application laboratory. This serves not only as quality assurance but also provides valuable input for the investigation of problems at the request of our customers.

  • High speed test rig HGP2 with direct drive and air bearings, air-cooled and water-cooled. Peak power 120 kW, 42.000 rpm, shaft diameter 60 mm. Measurement of speed, load, temperature, displacement, flow rates, oil pressure and start of mixed friction.
  • "Four-bearing" test rig VLP 84, designed by Prof. Spiegel,  for the examination of grease-lubricated plain bearings.
  • "Eight-column" test rig designed according to the pin-disk principle to study  material combinations at low sliding speeds and high surface pressures.
  • Testing machine designed according to the crossed-cylinder principle to determine the wear and behaviour of material combinations by discontinuous lubrication and solid-state friction.