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Main-Metall is your global partner for bearings solutions. For new projects, get us involved as early in the game as possible.
Based on your specifications and technical application we determine the right bearings for you.
We perform calculations to determine load capacity, friction losses, lubrication requirements and service life. In short, we tell you all bearing parameters required for long term safe operation.
With state of the art engineering and consideration of all parameters we are in a position to provide you with fully integrated design proposals.
We build prototype bearings for testing in your application or verification on our test benches.
We test materials and the performance of our products under practical conditions in our technical application laboratory.
All our manufacturing plants have their individual strengths and are vertically integrated. The result is steady product quality and outstanding flexibility. Furthermore, our highly qualified employees do their utmost to fulfil your expectations.
Our after sales service and support is available for any advice you might need during the ongoing useof our products.
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